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From the Latin, “semper victorius.” English: “Always victorious.” 

All across world literature, tales of heroes abound. Our attention is always captured by the stories of those who accomplish great deeds that benefit others and the world itself. Yet what is it that we mean by the term, “hero?” When is something “heroic?”

From the Greek, the word hero describes an individual who, despite danger and weakness, musters the courage to sacrifice oneself on behalf of the needs of others. Scholars comment that the term, in its ancient roots, is directly related to the Latin verb servo meaning to safeguard or serve. The hero is one who rises up despite danger or adversity to serve the needs of others ever before the self.  Sometimes this comes at the price of one’s life. However, in all instances, the hero vanquishes the danger that is confronted, rising above it as the victor.

Yet perhaps there is another nuance.

In some literary works, the work of the hero goes deeper. In these stories, the hero not only fights the oppressor, but also suffers the wounds at hand. The hero in this case embodies the suffering and takes it into her or his self. The hero endures and survives. Yet even more amazingly, in these stories the suffering and pain take a quantum leap from curse to blessing. The hero matures from victim to survivor to victor!

The hero becomes “semper victorius!” Always the victor!

The Semper Vi Foundation is dedicated to the design, development, and implementation of educational resources, programs, and diverse opportunities to help those who have suffered trauma and life’s woes so that they may find healing and meaning in their lives.  One important population is our Wounded Warriors, their families and loved ones, and their local communities. Yet Semper Vi reaches out to any and all who have known the many forms of life’s suffering and tragedy. Semper Vi activities and opportunities seek to help them not only to survive, but also to become victorious such that their wounds now are sources of blessing for others. Semper Vi does this with great depth by engaging those who have benefited from our programs and activities to become those who now help others in need.

Those who become involved with Semper Vi programs practice the Foundation’s three core values: LearningHealing, and Serving. Foundation members seek to show those who have suffered that healing can be theirs especially when their stories and experiences become sources of comfort and care for others.

Join us as we build Communities of Victors, for today and tomorrow!